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You can pay now through our secure website using a credit card, or you can upload a purchase order and then be invoiced.

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I wish to apply for a grant for my program

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How does it work? Follow the steps below to obtain kits, tools, and parts for your SeaPerch program.

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1. Provide basic program information.

We'll ask for your school name (if applicable), how many students & teachers will be participating, any special events you have planned, and what type of program you are operating, such as in-school, afterschool, homeschooling, 4-H, etcetera.
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2. Select your kits and parts.

If this is your first build, you'll want to order standard kits and at least one toolbag. We will help you determine the number of kits appropriate for the number of students who will be participating.

If you have done SeaPerch before and are looking for special parts such as kits without batteries or extra controller parts packs, you will find those here, too.
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3. Submit your order.

If you are applying for a grant, you'll be asked to provide an executive summary of your program and a detailed plan. If you are paying for your kits and parts, you will have the option of paying now with a credit card through our secure website or uploading a purchase order so that you can be invoiced.
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