TEACH: image of a teacher drilling The SeaPerch program is a great way to get students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). SeaPerch easily aligns to the national science standards and lends itself well to interdisciplinary projects. As we travel the world spreading SeaPerch, educators are creatively integrating this project into their classroom.

Resource and Activity Guide

pdf icon Resource and Activity Guide
The Research and Activity Guide is a 118 page downloadable document that provides a framework of descriptions and activities to help groups understand the mission and opportunities of SeaPerch. This includes an overview of how to start a program, suggestions for managing a SeaPerch competition in your area, and career connections. In addition, there is a sampling of full science lessons with related standards available for teachers and mentors to use with their science enthusiasts!


internal link SeaPerch Classroom Connection Ideas
Ideas for how teachers can integrate SeaPerch into their classrooms, apply it to difference national science education standards, assign activities that broaden its scope into non-science and technology disciplines, and show how it has a wide variety of practical applications.

pdf icon SeaPerch Games for Students (PDF, 472kb)


internal linkBring SeaPerch To Your School

word doc What is Science & Engineering? (66KB)

National Science Education Standards

internal linkNational Science Standards Matrix for SeaPerch Program (Grades 9-12)

internal linkGrades 9-12 National Science Education Standards

internal linkGrades 5-8 National Science Education Standards

Lesson Plans

pdf iconBiological Sampling Device Using a SeaPerch (87.8 KB)

pdf iconExploring Underwater Habitats and Environments  (69.77 KB)

pdf icon Hunt for Red October (77.12 KB)

pdf icon Measurement of the Depth of the Ocean (90.10 KB)

pdf icon Student-Designed Modification of SeaPerch (104.16 KB)

A Teacher Training Program

One of the most important aspects of SeaPerch, and one that differentiates it from similar programs, is that it includes training for teachers. The two methods of training are online, either with a webcast or video training modules, or on-site training. The on-site training is offered in several locations at set times throughout the year, and if the teacher has travel funds available for hotel, transportation and travel expenses, and can travel to the site, the training on-site is at no charge, all meals included during the 1 or 1.5 day training. Continuing education and/or professional development credits may be offered, as educators are often required to attend workshops throughout the year.


video icon Intro to SeaPerch
Click here for an informative video welcoming you to the SeaPerch program.

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